Product visualization uses 3D technologies to create realistic and detailed representations of products before they are manufactured. This allows designers, manufacturers and customers to visualize, evaluate and perfect designs, highlighting product features, materials and functionality.

3D visualization is a technique that allows you to create realistic and detailed representations of objects, products, or environments using modeling software. It plays a crucial role in various sectors, such as architecture, product design, and marketing.

Interest in 3D visualization:

1. Effective communication: It helps convey complex ideas in a visual way, making concepts easier to understand.

2. Informed decision: Clients can visualize projects before they are carried out, which allows adjustments in advance.

3. Audience Engagement: Engaging visuals captivate the audience, improving the user experience.

4. Cost Reduction: Avoids costly errors by allowing problems to be identified and corrected before production.

In short, 3D visualization is a powerful tool for improving the presentation and communication of projects.

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